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Corona conditions

Dear Lilola customer, fan,


We are of course very pleased to welcome you again from Monday 11 May in our beautiful and cozy Lilola shop.  A lot of novelties are waiting for you…


To comply with the Corona measures and to make our customers feel safe, we have decided to  from Monday 11 May to work by appointment!



You make an appointment via the online calendar

on our website.

On Mon, Tues, Wed and Thu, you can reserve per customer in a time slot of 1 hour.

A maximum of 2 customers are admitted per hour.

On Friday and Saturday, a maximum of 3 customers are allowed per time slot.



  • Very safe environment (social distancing, disinfection gel, mouth masks, etc...)

  • Certainty that you will be helped immediately

  • Personal advice without being disturbed

  • Little to no other customers

  • 1 fitting room per customer with a wide distance so that every customer can move freely.

  • You can view our webshop in advance to make a selection


What about short visits?

  • Short visits from  +/- 15min  can of course  without an appointment!!

  • Buy gift voucher

  • Get Retouch

  • Webshop pick-ups

  • Other questions, etc…


I come in without an appointment and would like to shop?

  • If a time slot is available at that time, we will be happy to receive you within this time slot  ☺

  • If no time lock is available, we will make a new appointment with you

What can't?

  • The corona measures do not allow shopping with several people:

  • So 1 person per saleswoman

  • Partner, friends or other members of the family "to watch" are not allowed

  • Pets are not allowed

General rules:

  • Do not come to the store if you feel sick and / or have recently been in contact with a COVID-19 patient

  • Wear a mouth mask if possible

  • Disinfect your hands when entering with the provided gel

  • Do not eat and/or drink in the shop

  • Toilet visits only in emergency


We especially want to reiterate that we put the safety of our customers and our staff first.

We hope together with you that this unreal period will soon be behind us and that we can resume "normal" life again.

Remember: We do for each other and as people among each other


As for Lilola, we hope that you, our dear customers will follow these measures and we secretly hope that our online calendar is well filled so that we can survive this difficult period  ☺


See you soon in the shop!

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